Here, are some ideas, big and small, for making yourself more persuasive:

  1. Develop the knack for making the other person feel like the center of the universe.
    2 Be quick to compliment.
    3.Train yourself to remember other people’s names. One of the best ways: when you shake hands with a new person, note the color of his or her eyes. That forces you to make eye contact and, after a while, will also send a signal to your brain to store that person’s name in your long-term memory. Also use the name soon afterwards, and you’ll have a lock on it.
  2. Empower others. Follow the maxims of legendary 3M leader William McKnight: “Listen to anybody with an idea. Encourage experimental doodling. If you put fences around people, you get sheep; give people the room they need.”
    5.Try to arouse positive emotion.
    6.Take a clue from your audience—whether it’s a single seller or a family of buyers. Really make an effort to communicate in a manner that matches your message to the receiver.
    7.Hone your sense of humor.
    8.Practice being a better questioner. Follow up by asking, “How does that make you feel?” or “Have you ever experienced anything else like that?” or “How could that be handled differently in the future?” or “I wonder what lessons we can take from that?”
    9.Keep your perspective. Remember: Even though you’re passionate about your point of view, lighten up. Tomorrow’s another day-and another opportunity to persuade.