Thanks CW - now 2+ months in and we have no loss mitigator and clock is running

After 30 days waiting to be assigned to a loss mitigator (that we NEVER heard back from), another 30 days of waiting for appraisal to be scheduled (no phone call from anyone) our broker just told us that due to the restructre of the SS dept that we no longer have a loss mitigator and are re-awaiting to be re-assigned.
Meanwhile, 1st buyer offer has re-expired.
2nd offer will not renew offer after 5/5 - so thats leaves us one buyer left.
CW will get almost a full payoff (no late fees/extras) -After all this - we don’t even know what HSBC (the 2nd) will agree to because they will not say anything till CW puts thier offer to them in writing.
So thanks CW for keeping your head in the litter box, because sand doesn’t stink like this :shocked

We now have been assigned - they have to review the file.
Not allowed to speak with them (unless they happen to call us back), only have to wait for thier response to CS email.
Deal Hunter - how is the fax communications working for you? Have you gotten any response on any of your deals/

Now that you’ve been assigned an LM, I’d send a fax just updating them on the current situation and urgency of response needed because of the expiration of the standing offer. Make sure your fax machine spits out a sent confirmation and save that in the file.

I still call and email (to the ones I have an actual email for) each day, even though they’ve told me “don’t call us, we’ll call you.”