Thank You!!!

Thank you for putting together a wonderful site; the information and the newsgroups are very beneficial.

A couple questions:

  1. Have you benefited from participating in the RECA (Real Estate Council of Austin) meetings? Are they worth attending for beginning investors?

  2. Would you recommend any of the paid newsletters often seen advertised on other sites?

Thanks again!

Thanks for joining us and welcome!

I’ve not attended the RECA meetings and would welcome any comments from you or others who do.

As far as paid subscriptions, it depends on which ones. I can recommend the Mr. Landlord newsletter and the Paper Source off the top of my head. It really depends on what areas interest you.



Which newsletters are you thinking of subscribing too? It would be easier to respond knowing what you’re looking at.



Thanks for the advice.

What do you think of the International Wealth Success or the Money Watch Bulletin?

I’ve never subscribed to either so I have no opinion on these. What I can tell you is that I have one of Hicks’ books and was not real impressed. The newsletters may be great, but if you do start searching for books and courses, there are many authors I’d recommend and Hicks isn’t one of them.

Just my two cents…


I’m not familiar with those two newsletters either.

Check out Tim’s recommended reading.

Happy Investing,


If the RECA is a state appointed project you might want to research where you can find what was discussed in the meetings.