Than Merrill vs. Richard Roop marketing materials?

Hi Y’all,
Would anyone have a recommendation for Than Merrill’s marketing materials? What about Richard Roop and Dan Doran’s Marketing Mastery materials? I’m trying to decide which is a better value. I’m wanting to find out where the best place is to get good “Lists”? And how do you get them? :help

I have had chats with both Than and Richard about their marketing… I think Than actually talks about me in his material… Woo hoo I am famous…

Neither is worth the money if you don’t implement them… And Advertising is the key to successful investing. For that matter it is the key to any successful business.

I have come up with very successful strategies to locating sellers who want to sell at greatly reduced prices and have developed a formula for touching them. It aint rocket science but it does require certain tasks to be completed at certain times.


I buy Richard Roop / Dan Doran stuff religiously…

BUT. Because I am located in a different country and have language issues to deal with, I don’t really use any of Richard’s actual marketing stuff except Post It notes and a few others.

I like their material for the business management and marketing theory aspect, but not quite the actual marketing…

Hi Michael,

What are those successful strategies you have?

I actually wrote a book on the subject… But by no means am I offering it for sale. Just a statement…

Tien … Post it notes can be used very effectively however I think some marketers are missing a strategy to gain their true effectiveness.

and alone they are not going to create enough lead generation…

Michael Quarles

I know.

I’m just testing it. Spent about 2000$ on Post IT’s already and MIGHT only pick up a deal on Monday.

Now you have me hooked in.

What would you use it in combination with to have maximum effectiveness?

One marketing medium alone can and will generate deals for you, let me just say that not all marketing is created equally. When you use multipul marketing stratagies that work you will see your lead generation go through the roof.

I have litterally had people call from a postcard, and tell me they saw my billboard and mention nothing about the postcard that is right in front of them. There are conversation word cues that let me know its a postcard, like “you dont have any hair” means they are looking at my picture on the postcard.

The best is when people think you are the only investor in town, you cast a net and bring in all of the biggest fish. You can do this through branding, not just one brand I might add.