Than Merrill teaching experience

I’m a newbie that needs all the help I can get but don’t want to waste time or $ on sales men.

Has anyone had or is anyone having experience with Than Merrill of CT Homes education system.

They have alot of good testimonials but I haven’t seen any “guru” that doesn’t.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

Overpriced and unnecessary. What are you looking to do exactly? Have you narrowed down what strategy you want to begin your real estate investing career with?

““needs all the help I can get but don’t want to waste time or $ on sales men.””

who do you think “Ct homes education system” is?? - marketing & sales people!

come on man…

Thanks AJ290, and taxleinadvisor,

Haven’t been back in a bit, I appreciate your replies and have taken your advice.
To answer your ? of what my focus my brief history, I’ve been a painting contractor for 20 years, from new construction, repaints, etc…, so I am familiar with the rehab process and always wanted to do some flips to build some cash, then move into the buy and holds and then into multi family units.
Based on my research it looks like wholesaling and lease options are my best ways to get started as my painting business has been at a stand still and my interest has always been real estate investing but worked to much “in” my painting business and not enough “on” it to free up my time to focus on rei. Now I have time (no money) and am looking at this as an opportunity to transition into reinvesting.

I’d check out naked-investor as THE place for info on LO’s.
They are a great way to start in RE.