Than Merrill System

Has anyone bought his “system”? He was at our monthly REIA meeting tonight. I don’t know what to think of him after 90 minutes of listening to him. Half of me thinks I need to take a shower and the other half thinks that he’s ok. If you’ve bought his program please PM me and let me know what you think?

I’ve heard mixed reviews with his programs O. I did however here good things about his rehab course as far as his others I’m not sure. I certainly wouldn’t pay $1000 for his wholesale course that’s for sure.

Try $2,000

Wow did he raise the price I could have sworn he was selling it for $1000 at one time. $1000 or $2000 still I wouldn’t pay that much for a wholesale course that’s insane.

Even the most well known and respected gurus on Wholesaling don’t even sell their courses for HALF that amount!! Sounds like Than is trying to make is money more so on selling courses then actually wholesaling houses. :evil

I’ve heard some pretty decent things about Than’s system…I’ve had a couple of my students comment that Than and I were the only 1’s not teaching the same regurgitated BS…They’re words not mine.

The price is up there a ways so it might be smarter to get your feet wet by seeing if wholesaling is for you, then invest in something like than’s system.


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most of the systems that I have purchased and seen do work. Te trick however, is getting yourself to do the work required to be successful.

From what I have heard, Than has a decent system. Are you ready to follow the steps that he or anyone else has laid out is the question that you have to ask yourself. If yes, get started and don’t let negative folks talk you out of even trying.

Best of luck