Than Merrill and Fortune Builders

Has anyone done the three day, Than Merrill, Fortune Builders class? I know that a lot of it will be a sales pitch for their coaching program but I am hoping that there is plenty of other information that will come out. I’m doing the class next week in Philly. Anybody else?

I will consider the coaching program, depending on price. But, I absolutely do not have the money to do it until the beginning of next year.

Any information on ANY of the program would be great!

I’m sorry you spent all that money. They always have something else for you to buy and never get to the reason you’re there. Which is to learn the RE investing business. The packages can be $30,000 or more!! There is always another step in the process. Get your own team and set it up yourself…do research about investing in RE. I know from experience that the only way to start this business is to dive in…but make sure the pool isn’t shallow or have sharks in it.

Don’t pay for classes. What do you need to know?

Wholesale, rehab, single family rentals → multifamily rentals, commercial rentals.

Learn from this forum and experience.

Do you know how to use a hammer? Can you replace a ceiling fan? Install ceramic tile? That goes a long way, even just so that you can hire other people and know they’re not ripping you off.

Those classes will fill you with dreams. Maybe talk to people at your local REI club meeting to see reality.

I dropped out of school because I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Was it a good move? Perhaps if this wholesaling campaign works.

Unfortunately, my letters are white instead of yellow and they don’t have glitter and smily face stickers on them, so I’m not sure.

Actually, I printed 1,500 letters in size 11 font. Maybe next time I’ll go with 16 so I can be sure people can read them.

There are a lot of companies out there that charge a lot of money. And many times, even when you take their course or mentoring program, you still aren’t able to sell any homes. Because you do not know if it is worth it to spend so much for mentoring, then I would find a company that does not charge so much money, so that at least if things do not work out, you will not lose so much money.

I hear a lot of bad things about these programs. Not necessarily that the content is bad but that the price tag doesn’t justify it. I think the landscape has changed and there are so many podcasts and youtube channels that give all this information away for free. While I think its OK to pay for coaching if someone will hold your hand and guide you, if you are just learning the basics there are much more cost effective ways to do this which gives you more money to invest into your business/portfolio.