Texturing Walls

  I just completed a rehab on a property and killed my self to make crappy walls look better with little luck. Next time I plan to texture everything. Just put it up and use a trial to knock it down saw it on a house and it looked good. It sure will make my life easier and the job go quicker. Does anyone have any input on this subject?

it’s BY FAR the best way to cover up the imperfections in a wall and make an old house look new. You can usually find someone cheap to do it too. I think the guy we use charges about $300 for a 1,000 sq ft house.

This method could lower the value of the home in certain areas.Make sure this is common in the area you are working in.

I have to agree with carpenter here. I have never seen textured wall ADD to the value of a house, but I assume it must be desirable/acceptable in some areas at some market level.

Sheetrock is cheap. You don’t even have to remove the old sheetrock, just cover over it with new 3/8" rock. Even so, I usually just rip it down and recover with 1/2" rock if the walls are that bad. Makes the property look that much better than the competition and easier to sell or rent.


I have a guy that does a finish called “Skip trowell” in alot of my units…it’s cheap, quick and there is no sanding … finished product looks like a venetian plaster

Ireally think the finish you pick makes the difference…if you use the circular finish, dimpled finish or spnge finish it can look dated, but the skip trowell finish i use is decent.

plus - repairs are easy for a putz like me - I just slap some compound on and “mess it up” a little and it blends :slight_smile:

I’m a big fan of Spanish Lace. Easy to apply, inexpensive and it hide’s a TON of imperfections on older homes.

Okay, please, what is Spanish Lace?



Not sure how put a pic in here, see if this works.

This is Spanish Lace. It’s applied with a spray gun and that spits out the mud and then you smooth it out with a big drywall knife.

That looks just like painting over chipped paint!



It actually looks better than this picture does it justice. I use this method quite often and I think it looks good, although my wife does disagree.

Wow, like the Spanish Lace! Now here is a cost-saving tip for you all.
When you have a roughly-textured wall like Spanish Lace, and it is dirty and needs paint:

  1. Take a gallon of paint in a complementary color. If wall is white, I use pale buckskin or yellow, tan, or even deep cowboy red.

  2. Add 2 parts water to paint and mix.

  3. Rub on the wall with an old T-shirt. This goes really fast. the old, formerly dirty paint shines through. Start behind the couch to perfect your technique.

  4. This gives you a vintage, faux job for 1/2 the time, and 1/3 the cost. People love it. If there is a big crack, it looks even better as it absorbs more paint. You can add glaze if you want it shiny.

  5. This is a custom expensive look and if you mess up, just paint the wall in a normal fashion!


LOL! That was the quickest pic could find. It does look better in real life. :slight_smile: