Texas tax sales - struck-off properties ???

If a property doesn’t sell at a tax auction, sometimes they “strike off” a property. I have then seen those same properties go back up for sale at a Texas tax sale for 10% of the original offering.

For example:
Property was originally offered at $1010, struck off and then offered at $101.

My questions:
What about the other $909 that was owed on taxes? Is that removed?

What is the purpose of “selling” the properties like that? To get them back on the tax rolls???

Any other things to look out for on these types of properties?? Either with or without a building on them?

Howdy Gingerwho:

They must be horrible properties that no one wants. I have seen some struck off here in Travis but not too many discounted especially that much. Maybe I have just missed them.

The County writes off the tax they do not collect. There are a few problems:

  1. Title companies hate tax sales and do not write policies on most, at least not for a while.

  2. Make sure the owner’s right to redeem the property has expired.

  3. Hard to get financing without a title policy.