Texas tax sale - is this unethical, illegal, stupid or ??

I am not a real estate broker or agent. Just an individual who is new at this and wondering if my solution is unethical, illegal, stupid or what?

Gentleman owns two pieces of property in Texas. Both are in default due to non-payment of property taxes. Both will be up for auction next Tuesday.
Lot #1 - no buildings on it. Minimum bid is $2000
Lot #2 - has a house on it. Minimum bid is $5000

My solution for him:
Offer to pay off his taxes on lot #1 and pay him an additional $2000 in exchange for the deed to lot #1.

Is this ethical, legal, stupid, creative or what? What drawbacks would there be to this solution? Should I go even further to include the lot with the house on it too? Or should I just wait for the auction?

Howdy Ginger:

Buy it before the auction. If you have to buy at auction then try to get a deed also after the auction from the owner. After the auction you will have trouble getting a title policy and financing due to the owners right to redeem the property for at least 6 months.

None of this is unethical or illegal. Where did you get that idea? Get both deals for the $2000 equity you will give him.