Texas Tax Lien question

Anyone know at what point financially does a County usually initiates a move to place a lien on property for unpaid taxes and at what point that might trigger a tax lien sale?

There are two lots next to my house that I would like to acquire and attempted to when I first tried to acquire my house through traditional means. The owners of the lots lost the related house to foreclosure which I eventually picked up through HUD. I canceled the original sale contract on the two lots when the bank stepped in and killed the deal.

Awhile back I heard through a POA person they were behind in dues. Yesterday I was browsing around and found the owners were now behind in taxes on the two lots. Right now it’s only a paltry $13.01 but it seems to be the continuation of a trend.

Anyone know the usual process for Texas? Can I pay those taxes and wait them out or can you only pay taxes when a house comes up for the sheriffs auction?



Texas is considered the best tax deed state because aside from having 25% interest rate for the first 6 months on tax deed properties that will be redeemed by the owner, it also contains a lot of available properties.

It has 2 redemption periods – first will be when the property enters in the tax deed process (which may take a year to 2 years) and after the property is sold at a sale where the owner will have 6 months to redeem the said property before getting the clear title.

All auctions are by competitive bidding but sheriffs and private law firms usually handle the sales.