Texas Rehab Market - Painting Costs

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I’d like any insight on the the rehab/REI market in Texas in general but specifically Austin and San Antonio and So. TX. In another thread on painting costs someone gave a figure of 25 cts/sq.ft. for exterior painting. I assume that this doesn’t incl. materials. And I don’t know what area he was talking about. Some rough math gives me a figure of a little over $400 for a 1200 sq.ft house. What
about eves and overhangs, garage doors, trim, masking, prep and clean up? Or more than one color. Or 2 coats.
I’ve been in the painting buisness for many years in Calif. and am curious about prices in Texas (or the rest of the country). I never really used sq. footage figures much in estimating residential projects, except for material costs, as there are so many variables. Can anyone give me a hint as to what a typical residential paint job (e.g. 2 journeymen for 1 week) might cost in Tx.? And what is a typical hourly rate, per skilled man, that contractors might use for estimating purposes. Thank you.

I am in Houston. My par price is $1000 for external and $500 for internal. I go from there if the house is large or small or a lot of trim etc.

I’m from SoCal but recently (10 years) also a proud Texican. Question: Why do you care? I’ve been doing real estate since 1957, and NEVER has a single estimate of mine been correct. Geeze, you’re in THE business. If you don’t know what it costs, who does? Why does it matter, anyway? My formal education was mechanical engineering. I had to know the “exact” cost of everything. All that did was slow me down! Today, I couldn’t care less. I "estimate in $5k increments. It’s never correct anyway, so why bother? If you get into the right ballpark: eg $5k, 10k, 20k 30k; that’s about the best you can do.



I’ve been in construction for over 20 years, your $5000 increment theory is so on the money I almost fell out of the chair laughing. :biglaugh :biglaugh

I’m in san antonio, I usually just guestimate the job then find a contractor who will do it at that price if need be. In general, I estimate $1.25/sqft for two color tone for interior including paint. If the bid is below, then great, if above, then oh well. I really do not care if I am off by $1k or $2k on my rehabs.

Thank you one and all. I hear what you’re saying OldGuy. My motto is “don’t argue with success”. Being from Fantasy Land in CA., I’ve got a warpped perspective and need to Know what’s happening in the real World.