*Texas Real Estate* HELP

Can anyone out there help us find a way to see the vacancy rates of an area? We are currently looking in Texas and though the prices are much lower, there seems to be so much on the market that we are concerned that there is no way that they will rent in a timely manner.

Anyone with some Texas real estate knowledge out there?!?

I wish i can help. My husband and I are on the same boat. We are no planing to use a real estate agent of one of our close friends to narrow things down for us. Please let me know if you hear anything. thanks

What part of Tx are you looking?

Houton, any area with good return on rental properties
Any recs on section-8 properties?
multiunit versus SFH or condo?

DFW might be a better investment due to zoning issues in Houston. Thier is less competition in sfh vs multi or condo. Section 8 locations would not benefit you getting a long term tenant. Most sub divisions that are good rental markets have an average of 50-55 days vacant.