Texas Property Taxes Unconstitutional

Not sure how this will affect our state yet, but Texas Supreme Court ruled that the way our state collects school funds from property taxes is illegal. “Justices ruled 7-1 that the funding system amounts to a statewide property tax, which is unconstitutional in Texas”. Looks like lawmakers have until June 1st to come up with something different.

I was at a CCIM meeting earlier this month and the speaker mentioned that the Texas school system worst than Louisiana. We really need to focus on this issue and come up with a good solution, but it’s a tough problem. Texans don’t want a state income tax and I don’t see where the public school funding will come from if not from property taxes.



I’m offended! I’m in Louisiana and, trust me, there is NO WAY tTexas schools could be worse…it’s alway a horse race between Louisiana and Mississippi!



PS - No school-aged children

Just start on this forum, but your statement is not accurate. Many students from Louisiana are having problems with the basics, and I mean basics and they are in high school is an eye opener.
Many Texans feel property taxes is not way to go, a State Tax is not the way to go. Funds will be diverted for other projects.
Education is an investment for the children, many of the ISD offer the sports, Arts, etc. Students need these areas.]
Bottom line, invest now, property taxes are an investment for the community. Students learn and this will bring back into the community. What will the communities do with students future labor force with little or no skills.
Community Colleges cannot do the job of the high schools. Last, parts must be proactive in the education process also.
There are many fine ISD in Texas, show me a school that is not doing well, and I will show you parents not getting involved.

Actually, my first post was being a little sarcastic. The education problem in Louisiana is way deeper than that and goes back generations.

I am originally from New England and went to a VERY progressive high school…I tested out of over two years of college. The education system and quality of education in Louisiana is abysmal and I live where the best schools in the state are located.