Texas Property Tax

I just read somewhere that property taxes in Texas are aound 3%. Can someone please confirm this. I am looking into investment opportunities in Dallas and property taxes are a big component in my analysis.


this is what i’ve heard also. someone please confirm this


You are pretty close. A house that I have in a small town a bit north of Dallas has a 2.8% tax rate. Total taxes for the property were
$2567.83 on a tax valuation of $90,163.


In Texas we don’t have income tax, so the state makes its money off property taxes. Where just outside of Houston, I look at paying County tax of 0.64% plus Haris county college tax of .0114%, plus Muninciple Utility District (MUD) where you get your water from of 0.46%, plus Cy-Fair school district of 1.79% for a total of 3.0%. Houston school is a different rate, so is Klien schools, and Fort Bend schools, etc.