Texas property tax liens carried over on subject 2??

i sold a home with the buyer taking the mortage subject 2 along with the past 2 years back taxes…knowing that they had only a limited time to bring the back taxes current…as usual…they are a bit short of cash…and missed the may payment deadline for bringing the taxes current…now they are getting sued for the back taxes by the taxing folks…BUT…it’s strange…the Plaintiff is listed as the Original owner…but they DID not initiate the lawsuit…funnY…question…who gets a judgement agianst them personaly…or when the house goes into foreclosure…do the current & prior owners walk away from the tax liability…if not…how/who of them is responsible???

Help me out here. You bought a house Sub2 and sold it that way as well?

Then the new buyers didn’t take care of the tax arrears? All parties knew exactly what was going on? You have serious disclosures with both parties?

If I’m missing the boat, please clarify, but this sounds like bad business decisions from the limited info provided.

What does your paperwork say? What do the sales contracts say?

Please provide more info. Thanks.