texas contracts

Does anyone know where I can get Texas contracts. I am new to wholesaling.


Is there a special purchase contract that I need for assigning purposes? Or is the purchase contract just standard?

Per rules, I deleted your post on this same topic. You need to either have a lawyer create a contract for you or write “and/or” assigns by your name in any purchase contract to make it assignable. All contracts are technically assignable in Texas, but the seller has to sign off on it, so most people write in the assignability to make sure they agree.

i would stay away from the TREC contract… too long … use a short one page agreement that states all of your points with the seller…

I prefer using the TREC for a couple of reasons. 1. It is what most sellers have seen so they are comfortable with it. 2. I don’t have to hire a lawyer to review something I came up with or for them to write me one. It is promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission, so I know it is legal in the greatest state in the Union (IMHO). :biggrin

I use the TREC contract for the same reason. I also add an addendum to include any info I deem necessary that may not be clearly stated in the TREC contract.