Termite Bond?

Do you get termite bonds on your single family rentals or do you just look at your properties from time to time and do some sort of preventative maintenance?

I am in Alabama if that makes a difference as to what I should try.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Can you explain a Termite Bond? I haven’t heard of that in my area.

The saying here goes “There are only two kind of houses in Alabama those that have termites and those that will have termites”.
I’m also located in Alabama near Mongomery. I have requested a termite bond from a buyer prior to closing but don’t buy them for our rentals. The are expensive.
I do check the condition of my rentals between tenents especially if thee has been a water issue. Termite treatment is fairly affordable if and when necessary here unlike California; where I have seen one treatment go into the $0000 range. OUCH!