Terminating Lease Early

I have three tenants in one single family house. Their lease ends 5/31 but they are deadbeats and I always chase the rent each month but they always pay up with late fee by the end of the month. Two want to move 4/1 and i’m guessing the married couple with them will also if I let them as they all hate living together. I’m inclined to allow the lease to terminate early contingent upon me finding a replacement tenant with a 4/1 move in date and signed lease. If I cannot find a tenant for 4/1 they’d be held to the lease until 5/31 or until I find a tenant. I’m thinking this gives them the incentive to keep the house ready to show and available and lets me get rid of them in a win/win situation. Thoughts or sanity check appreciated. Thanks

yea if they are asking to get out then you might as well let them out before spending a couple months evicting them

Do me a favor and place a move/out comment in National Tenant Network so that I don’t rent to them. Do yourself a favor and check the next tenant out using National Tenant Network so you don’t rent to them. Screening is crucial to minimizing the possibility of getting scum in your rentals.

People don’t start kicking holes in walls when they move into your rental. They have been kicking holes in rentals all along. A background screen should pick up that history.

Thanks all, I took your advice and let them out. The upside is they are being very helpful in keeping the place show condition and letting me know about anything that needs adjustment or fixing.