Terminating a lease tenant says they won't leave

Can anyone tell me when I can begin the eviction process?

As mentioned in the subject I have a tenant that has told me in a phone message that she is not going to leave when her lease is up. I am ending her lease on March 1, 2007. Sent her the 30 day notice and all.

As you cen see she has an attitude about leaving and has even told me that when the Fire Department comes on 1 Feb to do their bi-annual inspection that I was not allowed in when they come. Can she do that? She said the Fire Department would not be allowed in either but they told me they are going in wether the likes it or not and she will be sighted if she does not let them in.


In most jurisdictions, besides the “eviction process” through the housing courts, there’s another faster way where the municipality can order someone out for “health and safety” reasons. They’re out on the street right then and there, no and ifs or buts.

Whether you can turn the refusal to let the “fire inspectors” in into a safety issue I can’t say. Nice if you can.

Since it appears you sent the notice and all, make sure you refuse the rent when she tries to pay up on Mar 1, otherwise, it becomes a month to month deal.


Thanks for that encouraging new. She has been apin in my a$$ and if I can get her out earlier even better.


not much to do until 3/1, but on that day if she is not gone; then so straight to an eviction atty or a firm that specializes in evictions. Yes, it will cost $300-$500, but it will be done FAST and CORRECT. I’ll bet this is not the first time this tenant has pulled this junk so you might have a pro who knows how to game the system; not a good situation to test your DIY eviction skills

Yes I suggest you go to an attorney that speacializes in evictions/ real estate. Tell them your situation and ask him to explain the process to you just so you know the process.

Have an appointment with my attorney tomorrow.

I guess she talked to someone today though. Got a message from her where shy is crying and saying she will be out on time, that she does not want to cause any problems, etc., etc. Either that or she is setting something up and based on what I have been hearing about her it would not surprise me.

Regardless, I have been told I have one of the better real estate attorneys here in York, and she is out of there on 3/1 nicely or shortly after the hard way.

I am really hoping that she will not let the fire department in for their two year inspection. I spoke to them and they said they would not hesitate citing her.


 I've seen property managers enter a rental unit (following a proper notice), but I have been advised that if the tenant says "you do not have my permission to enter" then the landlord should not enter.  I'm with the folks who recommend getting an attorney, the sooner you get started on an eviction, the sooner you can get them out.  This sounds really suspicious; I wouldn't trust her...