Tennant problems

My tennant’s didn’t pay the rent (on may have she says its in the mail). They have a year’s lease. Apparently the couple is fighting with the other tennant. I asked the other tennant for his share of the rent and he said he wouldn’t pay unless the girl payed at least half. They are really bad at yard work. This is a real tight month and I need my rent to pay my mortgage. Today I feel like putting a for sale sign on and get out of the house. Boyfriend tennant is travelling. Apparently couple tennant has not been paying their share of the bills. They seemed like such good friends when they moved in. If they leave or I have to evict them what is my rights?

not clear what the situation is…do you have separate leases with these different people. If not, then the rent is due regardless of who did or did not contribute. You shoudl inform all of them that unpaid rent is a mark against all. Note you will then have to evict them all under one legal action.

At any rate, time to serve up 3 day or quit notice regardless of who is the lease or how many leases there. Unpaid rent is well…unpaid. enought said.

I suggested that they all talk and figure out whats going on. Tomarrow I expect that I will collect most of the rent. I will sign something aknowledging the rent and giving a a set term to make up the slight difference. If they don’t give me the rent I will start eviction proceedings. The one who is not paying his share has a student loan coming in. As a independent woman (who is married) I find the attitude of the student that his girlfrend should help him annoying. The girl only makes $600/ month. It was non couple friend whose credit I used when maiking the lease.
I reminded them that they were all great friends a few months ago.

I suggest that you do NOT accept partial payment – you’re just prolonging your own agony! Serve the “three day, Pay-rent-or-quit” notice.

Accepting partial payment sets the precedent and marks you as “easy”…anytime they are short, they’ll buy cigarettes, beer, _________ (fill in the blank) – anything but the rent because you indicated that it was OK last time and have proven that you will allow rent payment over the course of the month.

You have a contract - you provide livable, indoor living for which they provide you monetary compensation on a set date. Period. Paragraph.

My 2 cents!