Tennant problems

I was so happy. I had a tennent from section 8 2 hours after my signs went up. She wanted to paint. I agreed to help her and supply paint. I didn’t agree to pay her. After the inspection the lease signing etc she decided she didn’t want to move in (the house passed, the inspector loved the house). She presented me a bill for $1000. A professional would be less. I pointed out that I didn’t agree to pay her she painted prior to moving in and I was giving her a 1/3 month free plus I had lowered my rent becaucse of her excellent references. She was very abusive and actually called me a slum lord. I h ave a very nice 3 bedroom house in Boise and the if I hadn’t been helping her paint the place would have been ready. Because she was pregnant and she painted I told her I wouldn’t try to collect damages (not renting the place by the first of the month (turning away potential renters) and the cost of my add. She came back and signed a form saying she wouldn’t take me to court like she threatened and I released her from the lease. I still don’t have a tennent. Next time I am collecting upfront money to cover lease breaking. My friend says I should report to housing that she charges $20/hour. I don’t feel like that doing that. It might explain why she is in a 2 bedroom apartment with a 4 bedroom voucher.

How long have you been dealing with section 8 people?

OUCH! That hurts! I think all of us landlords have been there and done that in some way shape or form…That is why I hung it up and hired a property manager for 8% of the rent. I recommend that to everyone…

This is the first time I made a lease with section 8. The housing people were great. The inspector loved my house. I have to be more careful. -Debbie

I was thinking of going S8, how hard is it to pass a house? what kind of things are they looking for?

My house is real nice. It was easy for this one to pass. The things I had to fix were things I was working on anyway. I was told I had 2 weeks before the inspection and he made it in 5 days. They were safety issure (such as no sharp objects). I had some broken windowsil tile that I had ordered. I don’t know how it is in places other then Idaho. It seemed that they just wanted to insure that the place was safe.

The saga of problem tennent continues. She cold me back and told me that she couldn’t find another place so she wanted to rent mine. I told her she was abusive and she doesn’t like my place. She called it a piece of excrement (polite word) and me a slum lord. If she was just confused I’m a softy but she screamed and threatened a law suit. If I took her back I would deserve whatever happened to me.

If she acts this way when she is “sucking up” to look good to impress the new landlard, imagine what a freaking nightmare she’d be if the water heater breaks and gets her excrement (nice word) wet!

I think you don’t need this kind of tenant!

Just my two cents!


I wish I could get this place rented. Until she yelled at me I liked her a lot. Even with the waffeling. - Debbie

This is a good lesson about getting everything in writing.

If this was the case, her “bill” would be without merit as the agreement would have been spelled out in the contract.

Never ever do anything verbally. While verbal contracts might be legally binding in a state, what is legal and what can be proved are two different things.

As to this tenant, no way in hell I take her. As to the sue talk, whatever. If I had $1 for every person who threatened to sue me in business over the years, I would have millions more. People can say they will sue you all day long but there is a process that must be done to achieve that and most people, once they realize that, will back off. Also they must PROVE their case. If they can’t, they just wasted their time and money :smiley:

Most people are not legal minded and know nothing about how our court system really works. First of all, she will most likely be trying to sue you in Small Claims Court. She will have to represent herself. What will she sue you for and what “proof” does she have? She will also need money for filing fees.

Because you failed to get things in writing, this is a big he said / she said mess. I would wonder if she would even want to go to court and make official record that she is running around billing people $1000 for work while taking money from the government.

If I were you, I would hold off on reporting that fact. It is a piece of leverage. If you ruin here little piece of cake, she will have nothing to lose by suing you, even if she has no real case. I am not familiar with the income rules regarding section 8, but if it is anything like welfare, she won’t want them knowing she is charging $20 per hour for work–under the table no less.

Keep us informed. I hope it all works out super for you. Next time you do anything, do it in writing. :smiley:

I have people who heard me say that I’d pay for the paint and help with the work. The lease on the other hand was in writing. - Debbie

dude, Iam no section 8 expert, but you are being scammed (hope you told her to go pound sand on that $1k bill).

Been a landlord for awhile and I NEVER deal with people who threaten to sue me except with very cold and business like manner (i.e. no deals and basisally tell them to get lost). When people cross the line, you have to snap into “super-professional” mode and deal with the situation on a very, very clean basis (i.e. everything in writing, to the law, no side deals).

I would report her to housing. She is clearly working the system and will burn some other landlord. Nothing wrong with reporting her; you are simply reporting the truth.


P.S. I am normally a easy going guy and give my good (paying) tenants gift certificate for dinner at the local rwstuarant at Xmas; I just HATE deadbeat and scammers.