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I am purchasing a property around Johnson City. Should I whosale or retail ???

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This is tough without some numbers and facts. Seems liek this would be your decision and only your decision.

That is a nice area and definitely could do either depending on buy in and selling.

Check your percent of buy in at ccompared to the ARV. Look at comps in area for a return of 35% needs to be made by an investor as a minimum and a quick flip like 90 days seems reasonable but much longer would seem unrealistic to keep a return rate up for a year. You also want to check needs to repair and itemize it so you can check on the price buyng in and repairs and insurance holding costs and closings taxes arent going to kill the profit margin if you are scrapping too close to the rate of return base point you aree aiming at. The only way I buy in where the return is lower is when the flip time on compas shows they dont stay on market lonegr than 90 days at asking price of market value or 85% of it or better.

These help [/b]ME[b] make the decision of whether to look at wholesaling a property or not. If I liek something and it doesnt meet this criteria I will forward to investor and allow them to make the call on it NOT MY MONEY than NOT MY CALL.

Just my opinion