Tenants with barking dogs...

I have tenants that have dogs that seem to bark through out the night…

The neighbor has called me a few times complaining about it and doesn’t seem very happy…

What can the neighbor do? escalate it? Lawsuit?

These are great tenants for me and I do not want to lose them…

I’m in California…

Try…complaining to the HOA, complaining to the police or city, get an anti-barking device (they’re electronic) or just talk to the neighbors yourself. Good luck!

the anti barking devices work fairly well,I put a putting green in my back yard, but the next door neighbors dog liked to bark through the fence (try putting with a dog barking),I put up the anti-barking device on my side of the fence pointed toward that yard,the dog did not like what happened when he started to bark after that,

basically when the dog barks it emits a sound we can’t hear, but that hurts the dogs ears

Your tenant’s dogs are being a nuisance to the neighborhood. Not sure what the neighbors can do, but there’s probably a city ordinance or CCRs, HOA rules that could cause you grief, fines, etc. Tell your tenants to bring their mutts inside at night. You called them great tenants but if they’re a nuisance to the neighborhood they’re not so great.

As you have said that your neighbors call you many times I think, you have to talk to your tenants in this concern, before it will become serious issue. You are the owner of the property you have to took some serious steps to stop this otherwise you will be in trouble.

I would tell the tenant that there have been complaints about the barking and I would discuss ways to keep the dog quiet.

I accept dogs, but I always let the applicant know that i will not tolerate nuisance dogs. Because of the barking issue, I only accept house dogs and do not permit outdoor only dogs and do not permit dogs being chained out.

Thanks all for the good ideas…

The Tenants setup a kennel and the neighbor has stopped calling me.

Funny, another neighbor from another one of my houses called about the same time regarding the same thing.

While researching this a little, I’ve found out that there are some good products typically called “Bark Stopper”, apparently it sends a low pitch frequency that dogs don’t like and it stops the barking. I was prepared to buy one and just send it to him.


im glad everything worked out.

Your neighbor could call the dog pound. Tell your tenants that they should utilize or at least give attention to their barking dog all night.