Tenants are like Children

It kills me how tenants are just like children. I had a tenant (husband and wife) come to me because the husband decided he wanted a divorce. He was moving out (with the income) and the wife and kids would be left behind. Her dad was paying her rent until he decided she needs a cheaper place. She had to move out. When I went in the house there was a lot of their stuff left behind and the door was not locked. I changed the locks and secured my house. She called me wanting the stuff left behind Saturday afternoon. I told her she needed to pay me for the part of the moth that stuff was still in the house. She said she didn’t have any money her dad was enroute between Houston and Corpus Christi and the banks were closed Sunday so she had no way to get me any money. I just let the phone sit silent until she decided she would get some money from her dad Monday when the banks opened up and give it to me for the part of the month that she used my house as storage.

She believes that everybody was put on this earth to solve her problems. I have a 16 year old son. He doesn’t have income but needs money. What I did was open another account at my bank get him a debit card on that account and when he needs money I transfer money into that account. If I can do it with my son why can’t her dad do it with his daughter?

I am having my guys put her stuff in storage and charge her the storage fee so that I can get my makeready done. Looking at how the house was kept, I can see why her husband left her.

Don’t worry, the gov’t (taxpayers) will help her because I’m sure she’s above moving back in with her parents while she gets back on her feet again…

Sometimes we will encounter person like those who used to be your tenant, all you have to do is give some patient may be she don’t what to do because her husband just divorce her.

Yes, tenants can act like children and need to be treated like spoiled little brats every now and then.

IMO, your first mistake was listening to the story to begin with. Don’t get involved with why the rent is
not being paid. Everybody has to pay their bills!! Take a step back from the situation. And never ask why
the rent is not being paid this month - you only want to know if it’s being paid.

Your concern in this matter should be with rent collection and property management - not with a divorce court.

Good luck.

We once had to legally evict a tenant who was turning the leased space into a junk shop - literally. His stuff was everywhere, including in the areas which he did not pay for. We gave him a lot of warnings prior to the legal action, but like a child, he chose to ignore them all. We had to lock up his place for him to “get the idea”. Children! I mean, tenants!

Man people are idiots. Sorry to hear about that bluemoon. I feel your pain :banghead


Come on just give hugs and kisses to these kids and problems solved. You mean landlords demanding rent, clean apartments, and property responsibility. Meanies, all of you. It should be your pleasure to listen, solve, assure these poor people that they are loved and really not their fault that rent is not paid or apartment is ruined… Hey, get off my computer tenant, get out of here where’s my rent? Clean your place up and find a job, kick that bum boyfriend out, kids can’t punch the walls, don’t care if its fun.

Totally agree, I own a SFH and one tenant was complaining that grass and weeds are growing in the yard and I did not warn them that it would. She also said that it was not her fault that the mail takes too long to deliver me her check so her rent was late (one week late where mail is delivered overnight from them to me). What an idiot.

It’s not just tenants.

Pick up a paper or watch the news.

NOBODY takes responsibility for their actions.

As I tell people when calling for money. I am not here to write a book so please keep the story to yourself, just answer the question with a yes or no like in court when I end up filing eviction process in 5 business days.

I dealt with tenants for years. I know a number of investors that got out of SF and into commercial because of them. What they found in commercial, specifically NNN guaranteed single tenant leases has made them stay out of SF…forever, well, until they found the same NNN guaranteed leases in SF.

No tenant issues at all. All expenses but the debt service is paid by the lease company that guarantees your income to you every month. All you pay is the debt service, but you, as owner, keep all the deductions. Since the lease to you is guaranteed by the lease company, even if the tenant leaves and the property is vacant (this never happens since there is a waiting list), the guarantee means you still get your part of the rent.

My income is at a 9.1 CAP, so on an average $60k house, I get about $455/month and all I pay is the debt service on it.

These are great deals. I know I love them.

Joe Villeneuve