Will you asept tenants from a real estate investor, just like you would from a broker?

The reason I 'm asking is because I’m having alot of clients asking me to help them find apartments in my area.

So what is your take on this?

Yes you can!

I have a friend investor who brings me tenants…

Just make sure you are at front with the landlord when calling on behalfe of a prospective tenant.

He might call you back in the future for more business!

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cortecy to touch this subject.

Thank you!

well, your subject line only said “tenants”. we had to look at it to know that we couldn’t answer or comment on your question.

Just make sure before you do a lot that youre not in violation of real estate licensing and fair housing laws. its ok on most things, but if you do alot the state may step in and hit you up(or the person sending you tenants) for representing without a license even if youve been upfront with everyone that both of you are not brokers. This can be sticky especailly if someone is paying a fee or commission for tentants.

disclose disclose disclose and youll probably be ok.

Thank you for your honesty.