tenant with Children.


My Aunt and Uncle ran into this situation.
Their tenant fell behind on rent, and their filed for eviction, but the lawyer said thats nothing they can do since they filed a Children protection. Where they said they cant kick them out to the street due to their young offsprings.

Is there really a law to protect these dead beat tenant with Children? if so, how can one protect themselves?



What state is this in?

PA… also I am curious about NJ, since I am planning to put renters in.



I know people investing in NJ and I have never heard of anything so ridiculous, but you should check to be on the safe side. Thanks for the heads up in PA, I just got 2 props there for $1k a piece, I am definitely going to look into that. For sure NY has no such law or rule or whatever it is!

$1000 a piece? what shape are they in and at what area?

Sound like you hit a gold mine… Hahah. I am sure my Uncle and Aunt did not tell me everything… So my info on that is limited… I just want to throw it out to see if anyone here have a simular situation.

Thanks for your reply!