Tenant wants new carpet

I recently purchased a duplex and a triplex. The current tenant in the duplex asked is she could have her son put in new carpet at her expense. The carpet in there now isn’t the greatest, but I didn’t think it looked too bad. Should I let her do it? Can she come back later and request money or lower rent? What should I have her or her son sign? Any advice would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t let anyone but an pro install anything, someone’s son just wouldn’t cut the mustard with me.

I agree with Rich. I’ve learned this the hard way a couple of different ways:

  1. Tenant wants to paint a room at THEIR expense. Tenant paints, moves out later and I find they painted teal blue… on the walls… ceiling… carpet… door knobs… outlet covers… etc.

Only professional contractors do work in my properties (if not me…)