Tenant wanted new carpet. Help in WI.

One of my tenants wanted to have a new carpet in his unit. Is this a reasonable request in Wisconsin? He’s not a new tenant. I acquired him from the previous landlord. He wanted to have new carpet for his living room and bedroom and yet he can’t keep his unit clean. His apartments smells and there are all sorts of stuff everywhere. I wonder if this request is reasonable?

I had this happen with a little house I bought a few years ago. The lady that lived there came with the house and wanted me to replace a lot of things when I bought the place. I only did the few things that were NEEDED at the time, did the rest as I wanted or saw fit. I wouldn’t replace the carpet if it is not needed or if you feel he won’t take care of it.

Chad - WI

Thanks Chad. I was reading the WI law about carpet cleaning. It states that automatic deduction from deposit to clean the carpet is unlawful in Wisconsin. If I change the carpet, I have to justify that the tenant messed it up before I can charge for the cleaning fee.

No, it is not reasonable to put new carpet in an apartment with a slob for a tenant. You might as well just throw the money out the window. We do not put carpet in our low-income rentals because the tenants can destroy it as fast as you put it down.

Here’s what I’d do. I’d tell the tenant that you will be happy to replace the carpet one room at a time after he proves that he can keep the place clean. Tell him that you’ll walk through the apartment every month when you pick up the rent and when it’s clean and neat three consecutive months that you’ll replace one room of carpet. This way, you’re in a no-lose situation. If he straightens up and keeps the place clean - you improve the place with new carpet. If he doesn’t, it doesn’t cost you anything and you aren’t to blame for the tenant failing to earn the new carpet.

I use these incentive based rewards all the time. The tenants NEVER do their part and therefore I never have to follow through. Best of all, I was willing to do my part but it was their fault that they didn’t get the ________.


Wow! I think that’s what I’m going to do.
Thanks Mike!

Tell him to pay half…that will shut him up. or at least you would agree on a cheaper carpet.