Tenant to Relinquish Possession ?

I have a tenant who hasn’t paid this months rent. He says he’s moving out at the end of the week. I’m looking for a form for him to sign that says he’ll relinquish possession of the property to the landlord, and that he won’t be responsible for the past due rent. Is there any form like this out there? Thanks.


You could modify a general release to meet your needs.

This is state by state but in Texas the tenant has relinquished possession if they have moved out everything except things of nominal value (opinion) or turned off utilities and moved out. What I would do then is just change the locks. Possession is assumed.

Just tell him verbally that if he is out on date and leaves the house clean, undamaged, and all of his stuff out, you will forgive the month’s rent.

If he wants it in writing, put the same thing on a piece of binder paper for him, one copy for him, one for you. You both sign both copies. (seriously, word process it, but it doesn’t have to be a contract)

I’d file evicition on him right now (actually when he was 5 days late) just in case he doesn’t plan to move and is stalling you off with empty promises.

Never take a tenant’s word for anything if lying has even the slightest benefit to them. In fact, some of them will lie when tellig the truth would serve them better.

You did give him some sort of written notice to vacate, didn’t you? Because he doesn’t have to move until you give him notice in writing.