Tenant Story

One of my tenants came to me and said she didn’t have the rent this month. She said her husband took a new job and when he signed up for the 401K it asks for a percentage to take out. They filled out 100% by mistake and so they had no money in his first check it all went into his retirement fund. So she wanted to not pay her rent. I asked her did she seriously want me to fund her retirement?

Next I will be sending all my tenant’s kids to college.

I got it I have solved the healthcare crisis. Everybody just rent from Bluemoon06 and I will pay everybody’s healthcare. You can’t make up this stuff.

how did you handel this?

are you going to serve her with an eviction notice?

IF THEY DON’T PAY, THEY DON’T STAY! I post eviction notices the day the rent becomes late!

I listened to her story. I told her I was glad that she was getting into a retirement program and that a good retirement program was very important for her and her family. I gave her some advice on how to get HR to get her money back, and talked a little about how she should allocate the funds in her 401K. Then I told her that it was nothing personal, but she had to pay just like every month. She ended up paying including the late fees. I charge $100 on the 5th and $25 per day after that. She paid me an additional $375 for that month.

My people are really good about paying. I don’t get a lot of stories, but this one was great. I have seen people skip the rent for whatever reason and the very next week a new big screen TV shows up, or a brand new car. I don’t think they realize that when that happens their landlord just bought that new thing. That money doesn’t come out of thin air. I don’t think that you can put 100% of your check into a 401K. I think the max is 15% or so.

I don’t consider a tenant who lies to be a good tenant. There is no way 100% of his pay was put into the 401k plan.

I work with tenants if they come to me BEFORE they are late. I waive the service fee for the pay or quit if they sign it and still proceed with eviction. If they are not caught up by the court date, I have the court “bless” the payment agreement and allow me to continue the eviction without reserving notices if they miss a payment.

The thing is that if you start doing favors for tenants than they are going to start taking advantage of you on top of that other tenants will find out about it and start taking advantage of you to the point you will have a mess on your hands big time.

For newbs as Mike said it best YOU PAY OR YOU DON’T STAY.

By the way Bluemoon can I move in so you can not only pay my rent for me but pay my car payments,college tuition,gas for my car and my food bill too :biggrin :biggrin