Tenant requests that family member be allowed to live in rental

My rental has a very nice couple. No late pays - No problems. Mo to Mo rental.

Tenant requests I allow out of state mother in-law to reside with them for a period up to 6 months to help with childcare.

I said Ok, pending potential other paperwork to follow…

What do I need to do to protect myself legally, if anything?
Add mom to the lease? Add addendum? Are there problems I am not seeing?

Thanks for any input -

I am not a lawyer, so take this for what its worth.

I don’t think this is too big a deal; however, I might use this to get them to commit to a 6 month lease and get them all to sign. If not, I would think an addendum regarding temporary house guest and have them sign the addendum acknowledging that they have read the lease agreement.

I think the main concern is that the mother-in-law needs to know the terms of the lease and follow them. So, if you have a clause that prohibits them from engaging in any illegal activity, she will know she cannot make crystal meth in the rental.

Your lease should already have a clause that says something about “tenanat shall not sublet or otherwise give anyone else access to the premises without express written consent of the landlord” or something to that effect. That way, you are explictly stating you are leasing the property to the people listed on the lease…period. You can allow her to stay there. I would do that in writing so you have proof of that. I would also screen the mother like you would if she was going to rent from you. You don’t need to worry about her income since your tenants are paying that, but I would definitely check her background to make sure you aren’t going to have a felon moving in.
Your lease should already have the clause about no illegal activity on the premises like H2L said.

Gents, Thanks for the information…