Tenant Reporting Sites?

Does anyone know of any websites in which landlords can report tenants good, or bad? I’m looking for something that a landlord can post their experience with a tenant to be searched and reviewed by other landlords.



We’ve been using them for about 3 years now, and its a great service.


I see nothing about costs on their website. What do they charge? Thanks.

I think it depends on the searches that you order. We normally get a consolidated Tenant report (which they do that combines credit, eviction history, etc.) and also state criminal history. I think we pay about $30 a search per party, which is about market rate from what I found when I looked 3 yrs ago. There may be cheaper ones out there, and if you find any I’d love to know.

The one thing that changed with their service was they used to give us the full credit reports from all agencies, however they go really strict about that because apparently some new privacy laws went into affect and you had to jump through hoops to get access to that level of detail. Consequently they rolled this up to their consolidated reports, which so far have been very good.


This affected all agencies, as far as I remember it had something to do with the rampant identity theft, etc.

Thanks for confirming that. I had the feeling that it did, but I wasn’t sure. The ‘DecisionPoint’ report that they now give us is pretty good, but the one thing that I wish we got was the credit report in detail. The biggest advantage was being able to cross check the facts and lies on rental applications.

For example, we are very strict at not renting properties to any tenant who has an eviction on their rental history in the past 5 years. If we see anything like this, or any judgment, etc. then we would cross check it with credit report details. When the tenant tells you that this isn’t them - that its someone else, you can then find the actual debtor and validate that in fact it was them and they are (again) lying.

One thing that I can always count on (other than death & taxes) is that tenants lie on their rental applications.