Tenant offers to sell Portable dishwasher

Hello Fellow REI Members,

Need you input. The tenant is moving out by end of next month. My property doesn’t have a dishwasher so the tenant bought a portable dishwasher that hooks to the sink. Now he is offering to sell it to me. I am not interested based on the reason that now I need to pick up another maintenance item which could potentially add to my maintenance bill.

If I reject to buy then would they not leave the place good when they vacate is my concern? Ofcourse I do have their security deposit of 1 month.

Please post your response if I am thinking right or should I take this offer and but the dishwasher.

This is my first tenant moving out in my first rental so bear with my ignorance.

Thanks in advance



 I have had portable dishwashers in some of my rental homes / units over the years. New units run about $300 to $700 dollars.

Depending on your market you may get $15, $20, $30 dollars a month or more for your unit with a dishwasher as tired tenants don’t want to hand wash dishes after a long day at work. In other words you may get a premium for having a good working dishwasher.

Obviously a used dishwasher is worth what the market will bear and you might look on Craigslist or similar listing sites to see what used ones sell for?
Just like built in dishwashers their pretty dependable for a number of years before having problems and they work quite well.

I always liked the idea that if I can get even $10 a month premium I get $120 a year to provide it and in most cases if it fails to work I can usually get another used unit for $100 to $150 in my area which may go 2 or 3 more years or more.

I hope this gives you perspective.


Gold River, Thank you for the response.

So, How do I do the transaction as the property being managed by PM company.

When I return the deposit should I add this expense? I mean I wont be there when they vacate as the PM company will look into that. Do I need to give a paperwork signed by the tenant to leave this unit so the PM company will add it to the checklist.

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If you decide to buy it negotiate a price and make payment as the tenant departs, making sure to get the serial number off the manufactures official plate! Your property manager would have to meet the tenant at the property for the final walk through so can make the deal for you then.

Now if you want to pass then do just that, the tenant is not going to damage the property just because you don’t want the dishwasher and they can always sell it online after they move!


I’ve had portable dishwashers in houses and they are prone to breakage and leakage. Maybe not a problem if you or I were using them, but tenants are really hard on appliances.

I doubt that refusing (politely) to buy the dishwasher will tick the tenants off so that they trash your house. If they are going to clean, they will clean and if they are dirty people they will leave it dirty regardless of the dishwasher issue.

They would have to be terrible people to be upset by that.