Tenant neglect

My tenants have not adequately watered since they moved in last summer as set forth in the lease.
Now I have dead landscaping and potential foundation damage.
Thoughts, anyone?

I guess the question is “What will satisfy you?”, “How far are you willing to go?”

Is this person bad enough that you want them out?

If you were to have them move how quickly could you find a new renter?

Hi lcarter,

If your lease stated it was their responsibility, why did you wait so long to address the problem? What are the terms of your lease with respect to their neglect?

For example, mine says that if they do not maintain the landscaping (including irrigation), the property management company (me) will take care of it, and bill them back. Once I notice any neglect, they receive a certified letter with the paragraph in the lease (they signed) clearly outlined (and a photo of what the property looked like before they moved in and a current photo) and what I will do, per their lease, should they not comply within three days. I have had to go so far as to hire a gardener to clean up the yard, for which the tenant paid me. But, then they knew I was serious. I think I lucked out that they paid btw.

Since it’s gone this long, I’m with Mdhaas. Now you need to figure out what you want.

Good luck to you.

I have a question…how does lack of water damage a foundation (providing the fundation was adequate to begin with)??? With foundations, usually, dry is good!


North Texas soils are largely an expansive clay that pulls away from the foundation when dry. Homeowners are encouraged to water their foundation uniformly. For me, it’s just a matter of watering the lawn and beds.
I left a note to the tenants that they are in breach of the lease agreement and that I would be calling them in the next few days to set an appointment to inspect the inside of the house. I also mentioned in the note that their responsibility for neglect is not limited to their damage deposit. I will be looking for stress cracks, and will reiterate the important it is to water every 5 days during dry periods.
Thanks to all for your input.

I am glad that I do not live in Texas. I never water my plants and do not have a green thumb. With what you are saying, if I do not water I would kill my house too!? ???