Tenant May Have Changed Military Orders to Get Out of Lease

I am in CA and have a condo I leased to a military officer on a 12 month lease.

He had papers sent to me Ceritifed Mail stating he was being deployed for over 90 days and that because of this, he would be breaking my lease with him early.

I gave him his deposit back and he moved out stating he was moving in with his girlfriend in the short term until his deployment.

I got an email from his girlfriend yesterday stating in fact he had not been deployed for over 90 days and that he had changed his orders because he did not want to pay the rent anymore.

He moved in with his girlfriend and finally after 3 months did get deployed for over 90 days.

His girlfriend felt guilty and said he has applied to live with someone else when he returns and has not listed living in my condo or with her on the new tenant application with the person he is moving in with.

Am I entitled to the 3 months he broke the lease which would be $1975 per month and the secuity deposit of $1975. Would I need to hire an attorney? Would I be able to recoup the attorney fees?

Thank you,

I’d probably take the modified orders into the base housing office and file a complaint. I’d sure think someone would say something to him.

You’ve already given him his deposit back, and apparently, he has left the states. You could take him to small claims if you could find him.

It’s also possible that he received orders, and after he moved, they were modified. So you ned to check with the base before you think about taking it any further. The girlfriend might be angry with him and not telling the truth.

He should be getting a housing allowance that is for him to pay rent with and he should not receive it if he is living free, so he might very well be in a lot of trouble if you make a fuss at the base.

unless you can prove the documents were fakes and/or forged signatures, etc, you probably got no case.

also, how long was you unit vacant after he moved out? that’s your damages.

plus, even if you win a judgement, then you have collect which is a whole separate issue within itself

I might make a few calls to verify the documents you received are authentic

The most I would do is verify the orders. If they were faked, then I would report him to a tenant reporting service.

Thanks for the advice. I was able to rent the condo out within a month, but it took alot of time and effort.

Part of me wants to find out if the orders were altered and report this person and another part of me says lesson learned on my part.

Get the number from the JAG department at the base he was stationed to. They will find out the information you need or put you in contact with the people you need. This sort of thing is looked upon badly within the military and is illegal. He would serve time if he did alter the documents.