tenant left car

I recently had a tenant move out (owing money), thrashed the house and left a mazda rx 7. The car does not run and has not been tagged since 2004. I have no forwarding address or phone. I started to just have it towed, but then thought maybe there was a way to file for something that would allow me to sell it. Has anyone ever had to do this or know what I would need to do? I’m sure it’s not worth much, so if it’s too big of a deal I’ll just have it towed.
I appreciate any thoughts you may have.

Thanks in advance,


Tow it.

Had it happen to me a few times.

Call a local tow company, with a storage yard, and they should know all the local regulations. What happens is it’s towed to the yard, and if the tenant ever gets back to you. simply tell him to contact the tow company.

By then, there’s a heftly storage charge which the owner cannot afford, and the tow company can then sell it.

Usually, cars left behind are junk, and below a certain threhold, here in NYS, the property owner can legally request it being towed, and the tow companies would do it for free. The tow company can usually tell me if it’s over the threshold when he comes.

Your lease needs a clause in it for next time…I do not allow unlicensed, unisured, uninspected vehicles on the property…if I find one (and i have), i remind the tenant and give them 10 days to make it disappear forever…


Thanks guys.
Good point Keith. I recently purchased this property w/ the tenant already renting. They moved out before I got them to sign a lease w/ me.
Sounds like there’s no way for me to sell it and recover some of the damages and back rent?

Check with local authorities for the time you have to wait, though if it has been tagged in that long I am sure you wont have a problem…in Ohio you can apply for a salvage title for $100 and its yours to sell. If you dont want to bother with it, just push it out on the street and make an anonymous call to the city to report a car with no tags on the street. They will come right out and tow it away. Then its not your problem anymore.



Scrap companies are paying $250 for junk cars. Just check your local paper they usually have a dozen ads for WANTED: JUNK CARS. Tell the guy you want $100 for it and it will be gone in hours. They’ll have you sign a bill of sale and that car with be a 2 foot by 2 foot cube in 2 days. You can always return it to your loser tenant if he wants it. Makes a great paper weight! I had an idiot once who trashed a house of mine. I paid to have the car towed to the crusher, had it crushed into a 2X2 cube and paid to have it brought back to the house. Left it right out front with a nice note on it.
WORTH EVERY PENNY! I’m not recommending this. Just enjoying the memories!


THat is great about the Block 'o car!

I stand corrected, its not a salvage title (that lowers teh value of the car). Its an abandonment title.