Tenant Lease Document Samples

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, I’m pursuing an opportunity and you like to get some examples of leases you have your tenants sign.

I read where PropertyManager has a 4 page lease, and a friend of his has a 12 page lease and still adding. Not stalking, Propertymanager. Came across this info on another re website, biggerpockets. Not as good at this one but I might be prejudice! And by the way, nice bike! :slight_smile:

If anyone can share/email their leases, I would appreciate.

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check out mrlandlord.com -he’s got a great free lease you can upload and it’s the one I’ve been using with my tenants.

PM me your email address and I’ll give you a sample of what we use.

Justin0419, I just sent you a PM and great appreciate your offer.

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actually rental leases will vary from state to state because of certain laws. A way to get a rock solid lease is to either go pay a lawyer to draw one up (less than $500) or visit some rental communities and ask for a copy and state your interested in moviing in and like to view the lease first.

Basic things can be the same to protect you for damages but as for landlord laws you need to find out the law in your city/state such as late fees, eviction process, utilities, etc.

One thing I now put in all my leases and have it signed off by the tenants is a $500 refundable damage deposit for wall mounted televisions per room. Money will be refunded in full if tenant fixs wall prior to move out and acceptable. If I need to have it fixed, they will get difference back (wont be any though). I did this after one of my homes I rented has 3 tvs mounted on wall with many holes after tenant moved. I was lucky deposit covered damages to fix 3 walls. Big thing is, protect yourself with deposits on possible damages that can come along.