Tenant Jumped Ship

Hi All:

I am in the state of Maryland. I had a tenant break her lease. I took her to court and won a judgement for the rent/utilities/damage owed. However, she quit her job. So, now I have no way of locating her that I know of. I have her SSN, DOB, Full Name, Driver Lic #.

Question: What’s the least expensive way to find her in order to try to get a lien or wage garnishment? What should I do?

I know this is probably next to impossible.


Where in md are you?

I’m in Prince George’s county.

You could try looking her up on the public records site. Eventually, her new address will show up. It’ll also show possible relatives and you could call them and pretend your’re a friend and find out how to contact her. That may not work, but it’s something.

I searched all the deeds for the state of Maryland. She definitely has not purchased a property in her name. I also contacted her place of employment and found out that she no longer works there as of this pass February. Seems I may be out of luck :frowning:

Have you tried sending her a letter with the words “Return Service Requested” under YOUR return address on the envelope? If she is forwarding her mail, the envelope you send to her will be returned with the forwarding address on it.

Hi Sanne:

Yes, I have tried that. The mail was returned but without a forwarding address. I have the address she left with the courts. She left one number out of the address line but I was able to look it up in the tax records. She must be renting the place because I checked the deed and her name is not there. I will probably have to stake out the place to see if she is living there.


Wait 3-6 months and run a credit check (assuming you have a sig from her on original application to authorize this). Many people in this situation will have there credit run within 6 months either for new apartment, furniture, car or something. A current address has to be provided when she applies for something.

For future referenece, if you have the last 5 digits from a VIN number, that can be used to track a tenant. Again someting that you have to wait on.

There is a guy who wrote a book on tracking down tenants, cashing checks, etc., very good reference for a situation like this. I dont know the name of his book but his name is Don Beck. I would stronly recommend at least reading through it at Barnes and Nobles if you dont want to buy it. It will give you some ideas to try.

Good Luck!!!


Hey OHLandlord:

Thanks for the advice. I will try that. I will also check out the book. I’m sure I can get the title from amazon.com.