Tenant in Rehab

I’m going to close on a house that already has a tenant from the current owner and I don’t want to keep it for a rental. The rehab work could include extensive roof work.

Should I have the current owner remove the tenant priort to close?

If the tenant has a lease, in most states that lease will need to be honored unless they tenant violates it.

He can ask that tenant to leave but not force him to do so…


If the tenant is reluctant about leaving make him offers. Offer to pay a moving company, maybe offer him an apartment in another building you own with a month’s free rent, offer him $500 cash, give him an Ipod…whatever you need to do.

Rich is right -Whatever it takes get him out. Better yet make the old landlord address the issue if they don,t have a lease.

the lease may allow for eviction in the event that the owner sells the property

You need to state in your purchase offer that he the unit must be vacant by closing date. This way it is his problem to get the guy out. Maybe add an incentive to the owner that on date of close and a vacant property you will give him another $500 or $1000 dollars for his troubles of getting the guy out…