Tenant Died

Quick question…I have just taken over a buildling and security deposits, pro-rated rent etc. were transfered to me.

As of the 1st I collected rent from everyone for the 1st time. Today the 7th of December a woman called me informing me her relative (my tenant) has passed away. She is asking for security deposit to be returned (I’ll inspect apartment and return amount accordingly)

The next questions comes to rent. She has asked for some of it. I was thinking that I’d probably pro-rate it for the 7 days of the month.

Does anyone have experience with something like this happening. WHAT WOULD YOU ALL DO?
I feel I have to ask for death certificate as I know everyone could be trying to get over. Just need clarification


  1. You need a death certificate

  2. The refund of the security deposit belongs to the decendant’s estate. You have no idea if the person purporting to be “a relative” is or is not…even if she is, she may not be entitled to the money. If there’s no will, the estate will be probated…

  3. I’d find out who the money should really go to before I dispersed to anyone…


What should be done in terms of the rent? Should it be pro-rated for days in the aparment?

Still need to find out who money goes to like you said

How do you figure out the move-out date to refund rent? Do you use the day she died or the day her family got her stuff moved out? Sticky situation… :-[


Keep the rent. The tenant is allegedly dead and does not need it. You won’t be able to rent the property until next month at this point. Don’t let someone else’s problem become yours!

Did any of the other tenants know what happened? Did the other tenants tell you about this tenant dying? I’d be very suspicious - this smells like the tenant moved and wants to scam you out of the money. In addition, I certainly would not return ANY money or security deposit until all of the tenant’s belongings are removed and the place is cleaned up. As long as the belongings are there, it is still rented.

Good Luck,


Thanks for the information Mike and others. I knew there was someone I would need to hear from before knowing exactly what to do.

I would not give anyone the money. If the rent was due on the first and it is now seven days later, they have forfeited the month’s rent, so no pro rated refund.