Tenant Credit Check

I’m new to landlording and I have recently purchased my first rehab deal. Who do you guys use to screen tenants and credit checks? Is there a service for landlords?

I tried searching the forums and didn’t find anything.


I use the National Association of Independent Landlords. You can find them online at www.nail-usa.com. Credit checks are $15 and you can pull them online if you become a member ($60 per year I think, but they give you 2 free credit checks). They also do criminal background checks, which I use for out-of-town applicants.

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I use http://www.tenantcredit.com/ – I think it’s like $6 for a basic check and a few bucks more for some other bells/whistles. Works great for me!


Very useful. I’m bumping this to give more newbies a chance to bookmark these sites.

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I use Kroll Factual Data and get credit report and criminal background check.

Their report is easy to use, and flags things they think I should notice.

Credit report is almost instantaneous. Criminal takes a couple of hours, and I actually had 1 take over the weekend and not come back until Monday (the applicant was from a very small town; I assume they turn their computer off over the weekend, so the criminal report wasn’t available until, the office opened on Monday)

It’s not the cheapest service, but the service is good, the report is well organized, and they are thorough. I had one applicant upset because his drug arrest was expunged and he couldn’t understand how I knew about it.