Tenant Background Checks...

I know this topic has been addressed several times, so I’ll try to make my question more specific.
As a small landlord, I’ve been using “First Advantage SafeRent” for my background checks. (Actually they bought out the company I was using in the northeast.) They provide a combo eviction, credit, and criminal check. I’ve been generally happy with them. I just received a notice that for all smaller landlords there will be a change to the way the background checks are done. They indicated the change had something to do with new requirements/restrictions by the credit bureaus.

Anyway, it seems that I’d still be getting a good background check (from what I can tell), but the price has gone up.

Now the annual subscription price is $59.99 (it will be lower in the first year b/c I’m an existing customer), and a charge of $30-$40 + for each background check - they offer different “packages” which include different options/checks that they can run.

Anyway, these costs seem high. I don’t want to lose money every time I do a check, but I don’t want to charge excessively high app. fees for lower income applicants. (I currently charge $25.) I would simply lose applicants.
What service do some of you use? What’s the cost? Are you happy with report you’re provided?

how much of an increase is that? do the services differ in quantity? or is it just a different kind of packaging?

The existing fee is a $50 annual fee, and each check is $22.00. They provide info of any evictions (which I can get for free from the judicial website for my state), credit history, and criminal history.
So the new annual fee (after the first year), and the per check cost will both go up.
The minimum per check cost will now be $29.99, which appears to NOT include the criminal check. There are other “packages” that go up to $45+.

Are these fees in line with what others of you find? Do you have any recommendations for other tenant screening services? Thanks again.