Tenant abonded unit: Left nothing but Van

VI have a guy that does HVAC and appliance repair work for me: Pretty good, reasonable pricing.
While working on an A/C install, he said he likes the place and wants to rent it.
I got him in there, before the first payment since move-in he stops answering my calls/textx about work. Never pays his rent.
I served a 5 day notice, and am waiting for my court date.
Do I need to finish the eviction since he is gone?
Most sources say no, but he left the work van. How do I get rid of that?
He bought a new van, so I assume this doesn’t run. The doors are unlocked, but I couldn’t find keys.

There’s a clause in my lease that states if the property appears abandoned, I have the right to regain possession of the premises. When they leave, I’ll usually still file the eviction just so it’s on their record to hopefully warn other LL’s of the dirtbags. It only costs $65 here for that. I once had a guy leave a junk car behind in the driveway. I called the local scrap yard and told them I had an abandoned car. They told me I just had to cut out the gas tank and then they’d take it. So I winched it up on the trailer, cut out the gas tank, and hauled it down there. My son and I had a huge smile as the big claw grabbed it, popped all the windows out, and dumped it on its side.
The scrap yard took the VIN just as a matter of procedure, but there was really nothing the owner could have done about it. I ended up getting about $300 from that.
You might want to take some pictures with a time/date stamp showing the property is abandoned with the van there…just in case.

You can’t take any property without proper court order.

But vehicles (ahem) have been known to roll out into the street at night and be moved to the curb where they won’t interfer with re-renting the property.

Yes, this is a strange thing…

At a few of my rentals where I had to evict, the vehicles left there somehow made it onto the streets as well.

Too bad about those parking tickets and stuff…