Ten "Megapolitans" poised for a boom

This article is anti-real estate bubble hysteria.
That’s a nice change from most of the stuff I’m seeing written.


(Scroll down and click on “Strategies for the housing boom” link.)

Do any of you guys in the areas mentioned agree with these predictions?

PS: Also check out the article,
“8 Ways to Cash in on Real Estate, No Matter Where the Market Goes” at the bottom of the page. Interesting stuff going on out there.

Just saw your post after I posted mine and your link works so will delete my post on same subject. Thought is was interesting and since I live in the area the I-35 corridor was a lot bigger than I expected to the north (to KC, including Wichita) but didn’t as I recall include Austin and San Antonio. There is lots of opportunity for those in the know.

Hi, Richard!

I think San Antonio is shown on the map of the I-35 Corridor section.
Go to the article and look at the Photo Gallery for this area, or click on
the “treasure map of opportunity” link.

The Latino population growth is phenomenal! In the “Strategies for housing boom” link it says, “The U.S. Latino population will swell from 40 million to 73 million between now and 2030. It is the fastest-growing ethnic group in all but three of the 10 megapolitans.” Business that serve this population should do well.

Toyota is taking advantage of this with their new truck plant in San Antonio. It should really spur other business growth in the region.

I just wish that I was fluent in speaking and writing in Spanish!

You are right. The map had SA in a wierd spot. If one can habla Espanol he will be able to do much in the future. Adios, amigo.
Richard aka Ricardo

I like the article on 8 ways to cash in on real estate. I liked the one about investing in self storage. http://www.business2.com/b2/web/photoessay/0,21937,1085815-6,00.html

I was thinking of doing this a while ago. Seems the main issue is finding the right location and employees to run the place. They say better locations and nicer amenties bring more return.

Hi, Dee!

I have been interested in the self-storage business, too. The numbers seem to be pretty good, and the laws governing them are a little more favorable to the landlords than the laws governing dwellings.

Some of them are rather nice now. In fact, a friend of mine owns an newer self-storage property that has a waiting list. He says that his biggest problem is that some of his tenants keep trying to live out of the storage units as if it is their personal residence. I guess that would be like living in a gated community.

Did you notice John Burley standing there holding the sign in the “8 Ways to Cash In” article?
I suppose that is one way to keep your bandit signs from being removed.

i think the business 2.0 article was pretty good, however they have projections 20 years into the future. anyone can make money buying on the outskirts of a major city and holding for 20 years.

if they could’ve told us what to do over the next 5 years that would’ve been more useful!!!

here’s a post that talks about people leaving california and moving to texas, utah and the midwest
in the present.

We’re having the Phoenix folks come to Austin and Dallas as well. San Antonio has a steady rental market, but it seems as if they will finally have some appreciation.

I read some stats from the local board of Realtors®. San Marcos went from an average $97/sqft in 2004 to $160 in 2005. With the outlet mall and college expanding, it still seems ripe for commercial and residential developments. I was going to buy a fourplex there a few years ago, but didn’t…so I’m already kicking myself.

Valgolas, your friend made the right investment. I’m thinking it could pay off to get an upscale storage business in a few of the cities I mentioned.

Good post!

Here’s my picks from late last winter - based on a plethora of research:

Las Vegas
Washington, D.C./Baltimore
West Palm Beach, Fla.

We spent 5 days in Vegas–about a month ago–to have a look around (condos have been, and continue to present some good opportunity).

I’ve noticed Seattle & surrounding counties daily listings are down about 27% since we left Vegas. September was the slowest month since April for new listings, and though I’ve not seen stats for October yet…I know they’re abysmal.

Simultaneously, Seattle (and region) has a great deal of in-migration currently–thanks to the burgeoning job market. My online leads have increased from 35% interest outside the state of WA to nearly 90%!

This is traditionally the slow time of year for real estate sales (Oct-Jan). However, with new listings dwindling, and increasing consumer demand…I expect things to ‘pop’ next February with a strong March (March has been the hottest month overall all over the last 5 years in the Seattle region).

Interest Rates are the only Wild Card in my opinion. Now maybe a very good time to look for a potential deal (many people tend to hybernate through the holidays).


Do any of you Texas folk have an opinion on the McAllen-Brownsville-S. Padre Island region of Texas? I have been thinking about this area because it is just about as far south as the most southern part of Florida and it has some of the warmest weather compared to the rest of Texas.

I have been looking at that area and San Antonio for possible investment.