Temporary Seller Financing

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking for some way to get my foot in the door with real estate investing. I don’t actually have any money to spend; and those “no money down” techniques seem kind of risky.

Then I thought about using owner financing to get some investment property-- but only if I can flip it right away. I don’t want to be stuck with any payments right now.

So, I’d been reading about different investing /flipping techniques-- and about owner financing. At some point, I came upon a different term: TEMPORARY SELLER FINANCING.

Has anyone on this forum ever used this technique to sell their properties?

I came upon a book called High Speed Home Sale. It talks about using temporary seller financing to market your property to buyers who cannot qualify for conventional financing (to sell the property to them at full value). The “temporary” means that you don’t have to hold the note-- you get cash at closing.

Has anyone else seen this book, or heard of temporary seller financing? Would you use this technique?

:cool OKAY will cut to the bone here !!!

IT is nothing more then owner finance when you have a place to sell the note asap like as another term for it is table funding //// simultaneous colsings !!

IT is easy to get set up but if you have no way to make the payments you will come out on the wrong end of the deal fast //// it is not a no money down and i will try and get the payments some how after the deal is done


sorry if you find this a bit harsh but fact is fact you need to have some money to get into this and some kind of a plan

But, I just wanted to buy a property in decent condition (for less than market value) to re-sell at a profit. If I use Temporary Seller Financing as described in the book HIGH SPEED HOME SALE, shouldn’t I be able to sell it fast enough to avoid getting stuck with payments (that I can’t really afford)?

:cool OKAY you say if i use this way i should be able to sell fast

THIS market now is that should becomes may be fast /// it is amarket where even the bad credit says and gets away with it i am not paying that price !!! YOU really have to sell the terms not the house first /// but the terms what kind of a finance deal on this house are you giving me !!!

YOU would be better to get a property under contract /// with good out in case you can not sell it !!! THEN market the he – out of it and make a big point out of the terms !!!

I personaly have clients who are doing this and two are new to real estate and they are showing homes to buyers this weekend //// and will have they sold /// and closed with money in there pockets with in two weeks and on to the next deal !!

BUY doing this very thing ///// in real estate right now there areno sure things at all !!! SO cover your backside and make money /// be creative in what you do and how you do it !!!