Tell me about your REI team

I have one more week of work in my current project with the intention of not doing any more of the work after this one. I currently have a pretty good team and was wanting a little input on what I might be missing.

Realtor (the one I’m using is on his way out, going to get a new one)
General Contractor (Small business with 7 employees, doing all my work for me)
Mortgage broker
Hard money lender

Any thoughts??


Title company, CPA, right off the top of my head are 2 more.

Yeah. Duh… I forgot to type those in. Thanks Bobo!!! Any tips on finding a good realtor?? I think I need one that needs me. Somebody young and hungry…

Speaking of hungry…

Roofer? Or does your General do that?

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Air Conditioning?
Fencing (not the sword kind!)?


Kieth, now stop that! You’re making all of this WAY too complicated :::smile:::

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Sorry…I’ll sit over here and color quietly.



Just last Wednesday I called a realtor 2000 miles away I never met and since then she ran comps,called another realtor to get a better idea of the market I was asking about as it was 45 min from where she lived,she actually drove 45 min to physically look at the house I was callling about and call me while she was there to answer my questions as I had her climb into the attic to check the roof and drive around the neighborhood to see what the sold comps look like.Remember I never met this woman or anyone she knows and I never even been to the town before.Im not bragging Im just trying to get you to keep the faith.I have done this and hav had great success many times in getting realtors to guinne pig around for me.How do I do it.One of the biggest things a realtor wants to hear is “Im an investor”,When a realtor answers the phone here is my exact line I use on them. "Hi my name is Dave who am I speaking with?..Im calling about 555 no lane ohio what can you tell me about it?After some dialogue about bedrooms and bathrooms and condition I say."The reason Im asking is Im an investor and That sounds exactly what Im looking for!I would like to make an all cash offer as is with no contingincies.Would there be a way for you to email me more pictures of the home.When they say yes and they are usually very exited at this point even though it means they have to go to the home to take the pictures.“I then tell them I would like to close as soon as the title work is ready”.Now they are already looking for their camera and keys.Then I say “could you supply me with some comps first”. At this point they dont know which end is up and have nothing but making a quick buck on their mind.Try it it really works.

The team I as an agent build, and will use as an REI:
Agent (self) or Broker
Mortgage broker,
title company,
closer (my chosen person at the title company)
glass company
moving company
cleaning company
photographer (for virtual tours etc)
staging company (mine happens to be an offshoot of my maid service)
advertising rep at all the local papers
a list of restaraunts with delivery services
web service provider (web site hosting, maintanence, design etc)
Oh! I almost forgot my friendly neighborhood printing company/sign company.

I think that that is everyone.