Tedjr posts #1700

Just looked and noticed this is number 1700. You guys gave REO a pat on the back for his # 700. I am looking for a pat too. and some ice cream and a cake and Guinness. Just kidding, We did have a nice party here at the house for my daughters twin girls baby shower. I am be a first time grandpa. Exciting!!! This post does not even compare.

Just wanted to say thanks for reading my posts. It makes me feel really good to help when I can. I have made a great number of friends and continue to so. This is really a great place to learn and find motivation as well. It sure has kept me motivated.

All I know is I love it. I asked Tim and Stacy a long time ago if I was hogging the show and they both told me they liked my style and it is all good. I even got a call from Cash out of the blue and was really excited that he would call and thank me for being a part of the club. I was overjoyed when Tim asked me to be a moderator. I did volunteer but still the same he has trusted in me and I thank him. I am very excited about the growth and miss some of the early posters, some from just a year ago even. I remember when I first started at this site and it was just Austin REIclub. I was excited to be a part of the City club. And the TexasREIclub and wow what a thrill it was. NOW WOW

You aint gettin no stinkin CAKE!!!

The only “CAKE” in this here parts needs to be sent to ME!!!

;D ;D ;D

But you can have a congrats and a sincere thank you for your help here [/b](regrettfully saying this as it hurts…biting cheek)[b] as with your wisdom I have found a few investors and learnt enough to get a few creative paths of my own without having to regret paying thousands for a lesson learnt the hard way.

You are a true asset to this board and a fountain of energy and a leaky faucet of knowledge
:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

congrats ted.

i’d send you a cake, but i dont wanna clog your ateries and kill you.
after all, you’re a grandpa now! ;D

Howdy Niravmd:

I can have cake until the babies are born, They are not due until Nov 11th. A baby shower is for an expectant mother and not the delivery of the babies. I love um God Bless

Congrats Tedjr 1700 I am 1000 behind!

You know when I came to this site I thought well that is cool but I don’t think I will make a habit out of it (wrong)… Then I met Tedjr and $cash$ and a few other great all around people and that is why I stayed… Thank you Tedjr for everything u da man!

P.s. If I knew you liked kids so much I would have sent you my 5!!!

Congrats GRANDMPA!!!

Congrats Ted,

WOW 1700!!! :beer: Well I’m only 1694 behind you. Thank you for all your helpful Info. it’s really appreciated. And I’m sure I speak for everyone.

A grandpa, what a true blessing, Congratulations!!!


OK Ted…

sending you cake a small piece…

I think you may just be alright!!!

… and a cane. ;D ;D :smiley:

Congrats, Ted. I appreciate your posts and the time out of your schedule to meet with me and my wife in Austin a while back. And I know you do need that cane from mikes1968! I’m really glad you got things turned around and going really well. You are proof that persistence over time equals success. My first grandchild will be one this month and believe me there is something special about grandkids (second grandchild coming next month). My first kids were twins - special too. Anyway, thanks for all you do and all you are - you’re appreciated.

Thanks for all the great postings. You are a great inspiration.

Jose Guerrero Austin


I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for everything.

To both Tedjr and REO - congrats on the posts and thanks so much for your time. I think I can speak on behalf of all newbies that we appreciate it very much and are learning A LOT!! ;D


Congrats!!! # 1700 :slight_smile:

Also for taking time to listen and give great advice.


Keep up the tremendous effort, Ted. Your tiredless postings here are a God-send to many of us in the electronic frontier, who are at differing stages of this venture. Can’t wait for #2700. ;D

Unbeknownst to me…I just hit 700 too! Must be something in the water!


Congratulations Ted on #1700 posts and Keith on 700. I enjoy all of the great information and advice that you have provided to date and look forward to much more.


Congrats on your 700 th. You are an asset to this site and are a tremendous help to the rest of us trying to get a foothold on the mountain of rei success. Thanks for all you do,