Everyone can use a good laugh:

That is PRICELESS!!! :beer :beer :beer

Wow, someone learned how to use Photoshop.

Yet… these people are 5 times smarter than the Obama supporters. Now THATS FUNNY!

And no… im not kidding.

And they’re ALL smarter than YOU!!!

…and I’M not kidding!

Unlikely Jake, I can spell Socialism.

If were gonna pick on a few tea baggers… then lets have a look here…

Jake… behold… Obama fans.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ovcdb6csHBE&feature=related I think 35 second mark is pefect especially.

As I said, even though some tea-baggers cant spell, 5 TIMES SMARTER THAN THESE PEOPLE!

And im not kidding.

There’s NO SHORTAGE of “genius” on both sides…But saying one side is 5 times smarter than the other???

When did you do the SURVEY???

There’s MORONS everywhere Hoosier. That we can agree on. :beer

I deffinetly agree theres some idiots on both sides. Un-informed people are rampid.

Not all of the signs have misspellings on them.