TCS foreclosures

Has anyone worked with this company or know what they do? I am considering doing business with them, but I would like to here some testimonials, good or bad.
Thank You

I knew someone who decided to go with this company and purchased the program. I have heard nothing but bad things. I actually spoke with the man who was over investor relations last week and he mentioned several instances where the investor in the deal got screwed and the bird dogs or “property locator”, which I assume you would be purchasing the program for the short sale property locator and receive 10-20% finders fees would be screwed out of commissions. My friend had two BPOs and they argued with him about them being inflated and was trying to give him a 5k commission on a 65% LTV deal with 13k repairs. You can learn a good bit from the course, but cannot rely on the investor’s with “cash”. You can also learn more than that course has to offer by attending your local reia and read the articles/forums on this site. You can probably find something else a little less difficult to start with(unless you have RE experience) than short sales…but read and ask questions. Good Luck!